What’s ahead for Swayne and Partners in 2018?

With each new year that comes along, we all have a tradition of reflecting on the year past and planning for the year ahead in an attempt to ensure we spend our time on this earth to its fullest! At Swayne’s vets, we are no different.

Last year was a successful one all things considered. As always, sadly each year we say goodbye to some of our beloved patients and your loyal companions and some days are harder to get through than others. But on reflection on the year as a whole, we saw many more successes than loss. Some more obvious and dramatic than others, some smaller triumphs which meant the world to those patients and their owners. Some were of a more clinical nature and others were proud moments of our colleagues and friends.

For example, 2017 saw our staff generate some fantastic fund-raising ideas, organise them with perfect execution and raise a substantial amount of money (thousands) for a number of extremely deserving charities; Paws in the park dog show and agility for St. Nicholas Hospice, The family fun day and dog show in Chippenham for E.A.C.H and Guide dogs for the blind, our annual cake week this year for Pancreatic Cancer UK, a quiz night for Our Special Friends, our patients starred in charity calendars for Macmillan Cancer Support, some of our male vets sported fetching moustaches for ‘Movember’ and Men’s Health, we collected toys all year to gift to the dogs at The Dogs Trust who would be spending Christmas in the rescue home without owners to spoil them as well as craft sales, tombola’s, raffles to name but-a-few.

2017 was the year our Computed Tomography (CT) machine was installed. CT makes use of computer-processed combinations of many X-ray measurements taken from different angles to produce cross-sectional and 3-D images (virtual “slices”) of specific areas of a scanned object, allowing us to see inside the object without cutting. It has enabled us to make more confident decisions and enable diagnosis on complicated diseases on patients which would have been much harder, if not impossible, to see with usual X-rays and ultrasounds alone. As you may or may not know, we have a team of night staff who work all night and all weekend to look after our patients hospitalized with us and to see all the patients who need to be seen as an emergency. In 2017, this service has grown and so we now provide emergency care to many surrounding practices in mid and south Suffolk. The team are wonderful and are present 24/7 to care for the patients admitted into our care.

Our Swayne’s family grew so our team of vets, nurses, kennel assistants, receptionists, office staff and furry companions are the biggest team Swayne and partners have seen to date! They really are a fantastic bunch!

2018 has a lot to live up to but we are confident we will have an equal or even more successful year. As we do every year, our line-up of charity events are being organised, including our dog shows and agility at Paws in the Park, a quiz night in Newmarket, cake sales and more. So feel free to come in and visit us to hear more and stay tuned into our social media to hear about which event is next!

Our popular first aid courses run twice a year and have proved invaluable in helping owners feel prepared in a crisis and put steps in place to help their beloved pet. We will also be hosting free talks regularly throughout the year on topics such as medical detection dogs, behaviour, brachycephalic breeds, helping your pet through to older age and are available to all so feel free to bring a friend!

Our staff continue to take courses to continually improved their development and knowledge and to stay current with the latest ideas and research so we can always deliver the best care possible to your furry family members. Many of our vets are training to become advanced practioners in fields such as surgery, internal medicine, emergency medicine and cardiology. The nurses are training in laboratory work, emergency medicine and we have several nursing students set to take their final exams in 2018. And the receptionists are training in pet behaviour and client care so we are in for a busy year ahead.

As usual, we will continue to offer lots of additional services every week such as puppy classes, puppy training, grooming, specialist consultations, cryotherapy on warts, pet photography to give you a few examples.

We can’t wait for what 2018 has in store and we look forward to helping each and every one of you care for and love your beautiful pet.