A day in the life of a Dental Patient…..

Meet Rhubarb, a 3 year old Border Terrier who belongs to one of our vets. She recently stayed in for the day to have a dental procedure and she wanted to share with other patients what goes on during that day……..

“Firstly I was admitted and weighed to ensure an accurate weight to be able to calculate the medication and anaesthetic that I needed. I was given a thorough check over by a vet to ensure my heart and organs are working well enough for my anaesthesia.

Then I was settled into my kennel for the day, after lots of hugs with the nurses obviously! Who could resist this face?

Next a catheter was placed to be able to give me drugs directly into my blood stream including the anaesthetic, I was very brave for this! Next I had my premedication which included pain relief and medication to make me feel slightly more relaxed.

Once the anaesthetic was started a dedicated theatre nurse was constantly checking my blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and temperature not only using a dedicated anaesthetic monitoring machine but also all her senses including eyes, ears and sense of smell.

The vet examined my teeth, which showed tartar especially on my upper back teeth, which is the area where often owners are not able to reach when cleaning their dogs teeth or often gets forgotten about. A quick ultrasonic descale and polish was all that I needed luckily. If there is a large amount of tartar this can cause inflammation of the gum and even bleeding. This can progress to gum recession, wobbly teeth and even abscesses, all of which can be very painful.

                 Before                                                              After


We all know how much pain dental disease or wobbly teeth can cause so we must remember about our pets teeth. Even though they maybe eating ok it is important to check your dogs teeth and if possible clean them daily with a toothbrush and some doggy toothpaste (not human toothpaste as there is too much fluoroide).

After the anaesthetic I went back to kennels where a kennel nurse ensured I stayed warm and recovered very peacefully, again with lots of cuddles!”


Her owner was advised now that her teeth are sparkly and white, with much healthier gums, to start to brush them daily!

If you have any worries about your dogs or cats teeth please contact your nearest Swayne & Partners branch. We offer free of charge dental checks and to discuss dental hygiene of your pets.