Swayne and Partners and Charity Fundraising

The term fundraising can seem somewhat ‘generic’ nowadays, with it being heard on almost a daily basis.

But what a great situation to be in! With terrible stories discussed in the media, it is so nice to see the balance in humanity. People volunteering their time, expertise or pushing themselves to never-seen-before limits, in the name of charity.

Let’s remind ourselves that the role of a charity primarily is to bring about change. Whatever field the charity is in, the goal is to bring new information, new drugs, new awareness, better standards etc. Whatever the charity is, it cannot be denied that the goal is always a positive one. Alongside this goal, a charity will also often provide lots of invaluable support and information to people affected by the problem.

With this in mind, we at Swayne’s vets, are always keen to help a wide range human and animal charities. Fortunately, we have a huge number of staff who are of the same mind-set and are always keen to formulate ideas and donate their time and effort for each cause.

Every year, we love to run the dog show and agility ring at the St. Nicholas Hospice Care’s ‘Paws in the Park’. This is a local charity and hospice, who have helped so many people in our community and is an invaluable resource in East Anglia, so we look forward to this event each and every year!

So, once a year, Nowton Park in Bury St. Edmunds, host thousands of dogs in an event geared up for pure ‘furry, four-legged’ joy, but to be honest their humans have just as much fun, we can vouch for that!! There are also lots of trade stands and delicious local food and drink.

This year, the date is 20th May 2018 so we look forward to seeing as many of our beautiful customers (and their two-legged companions J) as possible.

Don’t also forget to check out inside our practices and social media to find out all the other events we run in aid of fundraising. Every year, our Newmarket branch runs a charity cake sale, a charity quiz night and a variety of other fundraising ideas such as charity calendars, toy collections for rescue-centres, dog shows, dog walks, sporting events to name a few.