For the destructive pet:

  • Durable Kong toy
  • Old cardboard containers with treats inside (so you don’t mind their need for destruction here!)
  • Exercise days, organised events or organised with a friend for a long country walk.
  • Sniffer dog training to tire their active minds

For the young puppy:

  • New harness (reflective) or lead or collar as they are growing
  • Puppy Kong toys allow the toys to be stuffed with food to keep them occupied
  • Kong teething toys, similarly to human babies, allow for the toys to be put in the freezer which is soothing for the eruption of the adult teeth.

For the older pet:

  • Soft, padded beds for the harder floors and their weary joints
  • Ramps and steps to make mobility in and out of the house easier
  • Carpets or rugs on hardwood flooring to allow for improved traction.
  • Maybe a course of hydrotherapy or canine massage to help aching joints and muscles-everyone feels they can move better after a massage of our aching muscles, right?

For the rambling canine companion:

  • A ‘mud daddy’- a travelling shower for your pet to rinse of mud (and possibly disease-causing entities) from the paws and legs of your dog.
  • Reflecting and high-visible accessories. See our previous post on winter walks for some handy portable walking gear for your pet.

For all types of pets:

  • A health check for your pet. You may not bring your pet to us for an annual vaccination. This means they are also missing out on a clinical examination designed to detect underlying of pre-clinical diseases. If your pet is over the age of 8 in dogs and 10 in cats we would recommend a health check every 6 months as as they age, disease (and often treatable diseases) is statistically more common.
  • Start an insurance policy for your pet. Even as veterinary workers we more often than not have our pets insured to cover the cost of unexpected surgeries, injuries or advancing imaging.

For the dogs who don’t have a home or are in training for work:

  • They may not live with you but all pets deserve love. Donating to your chosen canine charity will make a bigger difference than you could inside your already lovely home. We have charities and homes local to us like Dogs trust, Bury Stray Cat Fund, Suffolk Hedgehog Hospital.
  • Guide dogs for the blind, hearing dogs for the deaf and medical detection dogs are super dogs. Companionship we all understand but to have this magnified when they also aid a person’s life and medical condition- what a job! Perhaps making a donation or sponsoring a dog in your pet’s name would make a lovely gift this year.

We hope this gift guide has helps inspired some ideas in your household this Christmas!