You heard it, one form of daily exercise per day!

Well, I just feel bad for the families who don’t own dogs! They make you get out, enjoy your day and realise that we (whilst this period is new and difficult to navigate,) still really do live in wonderful world and we are lucky to be alive.

So, what can you do to enjoy your time with your dog. A walk on the roads allow for ample sniffing opportunities. A walk over the fields allows for a run and a frolic! A game in the sunshine in your garden to use their brain or intellect will be sure to exhaust them. Get them involved in the gardening or the kid’s games and enjoy this time with them.

Indoors don’t forget, if your pet is used to several walks a day, they don’t have to miss out. A dog’s world is truly a world of smells. We may have shown them more sight and sound as humans but they haven’t lost this skill. So, buy a snuffle mat for dinner or treat time to allow them to explore their new toy and discover the smelly food within! It doesn’t have to be a sophisticated toy, a selection of boxes and toilet rolls (haha) with hidden kibble works just as well as a sniffy playground. This exercise, of course, is not based on physical fatigue but will still allow for brain exercise and quality of life for our canine’s family members. Have a look at the link below for more inspiration.

Cats love to play, but when you are exhausted after a long day at work playtime can be a minimum. Well, now we may find ourselves with more time to engage in just this. Not to mention, our mental health may also benefit from a play break! Check out the link below to figure out which type of play will suit your feline family member.