What do I do if my pet has an accident or suffers an emergency situation during the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak?

Although we did not feature on the Government’s list of key workers for the nation, we consider our position and role within the community to be essential. We have a duty of care to ensure animal welfare, animal health and public health.

So, rest assured that although our routine way of operating may be altered we will always be here for you and your fur babies. Day or night we will be present 24/7, 365 days a year.

Currently, all four of our branches are open for long hours during the daytime and as always, our central hospital in Bury St. Edmunds operates an emergency service for our practices and many other veterinary practices in Bury, Thurston, Thetford and Stowmarket all night and all weekend.

The people you will speak to are our usual vets and nurses, the ones you already know. We will be here, albeit in reduced capacity, during this difficult social time.

So, whilst this may be a frightening time for all, please do not lose sleep. Rest assured that if needed, your pet will receive all the care and attention they deserve.

What classes as an emergency? We have been given guidance by the BVA (British Veterinary Association) and the RCVS governing body as to what is an emergency i.e. any condition which if it deteriorates will impact on our patients welfare. We are advising our clients to contact their nearest branch if they have any concerns about their pets health. From there vets can advise if they feel a video consult is suited or if it is in the animals best interest to be seen at the practice to prevent any impact on welfare.

At nights and weekends please call 01284 701444 to speak to our Bury St. Edmunds team in an emergency.