This is Jack, he is a Springer Spaniel x Labrador, a ‘Springador’, if you will! He was rescued as an unwanted puppy by one of our vets.

In a family of Labs, he stands out with his Springer attitude and excitement for life. This enthusiasm however means he is rarely without the odd cut and scrape. Jack genuinely believes he can chase a bird flying in the sky, but he is usually quick to recover.

Spaniels seem, more than most, to be prone to immune-mediated diseases and so, to stay true to form at age 4 years, Jack developed Immune-mediated polyarthritis. This disease means his own body attacked Jack’s joints, making every one of them hurt. It was so painful for him to walk and eat, he was not his bouncy ‘Tigger’ self. After testing and what will be lifelong medication, Jack was back to being Jack.

It was just a usual day a couple weeks ago (for Jack anyway, blissfully unaware of the humans in his life adjusting to lockdown-life with COVID-19) when as he was jumping off his parent’s bed, his canine companion Daffy had decided to jump up. They bumped heads. Nothing unusual there, although this time Jack was notably a bit sore.

His eye opening again within hours however, there was no scratch or ulcer and Jack seemed to be non-the-worst for it.

In the following 24 hours, jack developed a cataract in this right eye. His vet mummy has never, in her 20 years in the vet world, seen a (non-diabetic) cataract form so quickly. The pain appeared to have completely subsided but he was left blind in his right eye overnight.

The tricky bit is that Jack’s lens had more than doubled the width of the left eye and may cause further complications to the eye.

Jack’s family have elected for Jack to have risky cataract surgery. The aim? To give a pain free, visible eye at his young age of 6 years. Finger crossed for you Jack. Maybe, have a break from visiting the vets for the next few years please?!