As humans we like our routine – getting up, walking the dog, feeding the cat, shower, work, home for dinner, dog walk and bed. Just like us, our pets also appreciate a good routine. With the current COVID-19 everyone’s routine is abnormal, including our staff here at Swaynes’.

As vets and nurses we have a routine including seeing consults in the morning, followed by surgeries and more consultations with the occasional emergency at the unexpected time. Our days have dramatically changed since the UK has gone into lockdown. In lockdown as a profession we are only here to see emergencies to be able to protect our staff members and provide a team to continue working through-out this pandemic for those emergency patients.

We are asking our clients to be patient with us and work with us through this time. If you are worried about your pet we urge you to phone your nearest Swayne & partners branch. From there one of our vets / nurses will triage the call and discuss what the main concerns are with your pet.

Ideally an initial telephone consult or video consult (by facetime/ whats app or other platform) will be carried out. (There is a fee associated with this initial telephone consult) If we feel that medications can be dispensed without seeing the patient this maybe done. This is not best practice and we would always recommend seeing our patients to provide a thorough hands on clinical examination. However the reason we are doing this is to avoid members of the general public entering our practices. Reducing the face to face contact with people which is so vital to stop COVID-19 from spreading.

If patients need to be seen we are requesting that owners telephone from the carparks of our branches and a vet / nurse will come out and collect your pet to bring into the practice. The vet will communicate with you on the phone to discuss the pets clinical illness and how we would like to treat them going forwards.

We have been very grateful to how our clients have responded to the rapid changes. Unfortunately at this time all routine procedures including annual vaccinations and the initial primary puppy/ kitten vaccinations must be delayed.  If your pets vaccination is due please phone your usual Swaynes branch and a vet will be able to talk through the current guidelines as directed by the British Veterinary Association and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons.

Over the next few days we will try and provide blog articles as guidance for your pets vaccinations, prescriptions and what classifies as emergencies. But please be aware guidance is changing on a daily basis. Thank you for all your support at this time.