Through the year we run first aid courses for both clients and non clients. They are based in our Bury St Edmunds branch (IP33 3SP) and run by one of our vets. The courses are free of charge and normally run for 3 consecutive weeks on a weekday evening.

Both courses in September and April are fully booked but please keep an eye on our Facebook and Twitter for future courses and client information evenings.

Here are some useful First Aid tips in the mean time:

Before assessing any animal ensure it is safe for you to do so i.e. no danger to yourself.

Always stay calm, don’t panic if your pet seems in distress.

Small wounds

Place pressure on the wound with a clean cloth
Flush the wound with saline if there is any obvious debris
If there is severe bleeding that is coming through the cloth then please contact the surgery as soon as possible.


If your dog or cat has a seizure don’t move them or restrain them.
Make a note of the time the seizure starts and don’t place your fingers near their mouth as they can be unaware and may bite.
Once the seizure has stopped please contact the surgery and if the seizure lasts longer than 3-5 minutes or if recurrent seizures occur carefully transport them as soon as possible to the surgery.


If you have seen your pet ingest any poisons or are suspicious of poisoning please call the surgery and bring them down as soon as possible.