Making sure your pet avoids the Winter Woes…….

Now Christmas and New Year is over it is back work. There seems to be no let up of the winter this year! When we do see light it tends to be a grey day, it seems to be never ending. But we do get to close the curtains, curl up in front of a nice warm fire and can avoid winter for a few hours. Remember to stop and think about your pet. Here are a few top tips to help your pets get through the winter period.

Winter Walkies:

  • Towel dry after walks especially between their toes, remove all grit and mud.
  • Older dogs may find cold weather difficult especially if they suffer from arthritis, remember to walk slowly and avoid icy walks – especially frozen ponds!
  • Smaller dogs or dogs with short coats may feel the cold, try to avoid haircuts during winter or invest in a coat.
  • Pets with medical conditions may also feel the cold more easily, remember to get check ups at your vets for the older canines.
  • Remember you can have indoor play time!

Be Mindful of your Moggies:

  • Consider bringing your furry friend inside at night if the temperature drops very low.
  • Encourage your cat to be inside by providing litter trays.
  • If your cat loves to live outside consider providing shelter such as an outdoor den which can be bought or created (there are plenty of guides on the internet).
  • Keep antifreeze in a safe place as this is very toxic to cats and often they will drink it due to its sweet taste.
  • Cats always find a warm place to snuggle down so check cars, tumble dryers and washing machines before turning them on.

Bundle your Bunnies:

  • Don’t forget your rabbits/ guinea pigs!
  • Make sure they have plenty of bedding which is clean and dry.
  • Cover hutches with old duvets/ blankets and tarpaulin to provide a warm wind break.
  • Make sure they can exercise to be able to generate body heat.
  • Consider moving them inside i.e. to a shed or garage for very cold periods.
  • Remember to check their water bottles daily to ensure they haven’t frozen and offer them more food during the winter period.

If you want to discuss any other tips for helping your pets through winter don’t hesitate to contact your local Swaynes Branch.

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