During this odd pandemic period we have seen an increase in the number of puppies that have been rehomed. Whether this has been a natural increase with the better weather or because we have found ourselves thinking about getting a puppy and with the enforced period we are all spending at home now is the perfect time!

With the government announcing an increase in the amount of time we can all spend outside, not limited to just one period of exercise a day it is important to remember not to take your puppy too far.

We all know that feeling of excitement when your pup completes its first vaccination course and the 10-14 day wait after its second vaccine is over. Time to get out and explore the world. However we always recommend not to over exercise your puppy and take it on a 5 mile walk on its first outing. We advise to walk it 5 minutes per month old it is twice a day. So for a 12 week old puppy a 15 minute walk twice a day is plenty.

This doesn’t stop you from entertaining him or her in the back garden, stimulating their minds is just as important as allowing them to get out and exercise. Teaching them their basic commands or using hidden treats can be just as effective as tiring them out.

Socialisation at the moment is a difficult one, following the government guidelines of ensuring a 2m distance between members of the public means that if your puppy gets caught up with playing or a commotion with another dog of course as their owner you would rush over to save them. But remember the other dog owner would probably do the same, does this put you at risk? If socialisation can happen in a safe and controlled way then of course ensuring your pup is meeting other dogs of all different shapes and szies. Exposure to traffic, lawn mowers, hoovers and other loud noises is also just as important.