The lockdown has definitely seen an influx of new pet ownership. We have seen more puppies in the last 10 weeks than any other time normal time of the year.

Whilst we love seeing the carefree, sweet innocent faces of the puppies who come and see us and they never fail to put a smile on our faces we mustn’t forget that there are lots of older dogs sitting in rescue centres across the UK needing homes too.

There are so many different breeds and ages, including puppies, that there will be a dog to suit all sorts of people and lifestyles and it may be easier than you would think to do.

Step 1: Find a dog or puppy online

Often, rescue centres will post pictures of the dogs they have in their care with lots of information about their background, temperament, attributes and possible needs.

Step 2: Complete a rehoming application form

Once you’ve found ‘the one’, print and fill out an application form. Contact the centre the dog you like is being rehomed from and arrange to visit them – taking your completed application form with you. Staff at the centre can discuss with you the information you’ve provided and the needs of the dog you’ve chosen to help you in your decision making.

Step 3: Get to know your chosen dog

If you have found the dog who is right for you then it’s time to get to know each other! 

It’s best for everyone from the household to meet the dog so you may be asked to arrange a second visit at the centre.

Step 4: Home visit

One of the adoption support staff may or may not visit your home to discuss your new dog with you, and give you tips on how to proceed. For example – leaving a t-shirt or blanket at the kennels gets them used to your smell, and gives them something familiar to travel home with and give your any tips you need to help them transition to their new home. Some need minimal adjustments and are just happy to be loved!

Step 5: Collect your new dog!

Dogs from rescue centres are usually up to date already with their vaccinations, worming, flea treatment, microchip, neutering etc. so that’s a bonus!

The RSPCA has a dog adoption booklet you may wish to read before embarking on the adventure, found on the link below and never forget we are always here for you.