Many of us have found that we have extra time on our hands, if you have children no doubt you will be trying to juggle home schooling, your own work, running a household and ensuring the pets are looked after.

We thought we would try to inspire with some ideas for a rainy day – educational for the whole family of course…… Which does actually happen to be today!

Physical Education:

Along with your daily Jo Wicks PE lesson don’t forget about your pups needing adequate exercise at this time. Take the whole family on an early morning dog walk or run, blast out the cobwebs the best start to the day. Don’t forget about our feline freinds ensure they get their daily movement in by playing new games with them, dig out the old toys from their toybox.


We all remember those days of peeling the skin off an onion and looking at it under the microscope to see the cell walls. So we don’t propose you go as in depth as this, although if you have your own microscope at home – fair play. Consider teaching your children the basics of anatomy – what better way than to use your pets as the models. Try identifying the locations of their bones – where are their ‘hands’ or their ‘feet’. What organs do they have inside their bellies? We aren’t suggesting that you learn all the names of the muscles in their body along with their insertions and attachments. However if you are a first year veterinary student studying for your year 1 exams you may just need to do that!


A fun activity could be to sketch your pet whether that’s a cat, dog, rabbit or gecko. Task the family with everyone drawing your pet – we would love to see some of them on social media – tag us on our Facebook/ Instagram or Twitter accounts.

Ok so maybe we didn’t draw this. But you never know you may surprise yourself as a budding artiste!


This is a hard one and we can’t think of how to involve your pet apart from trying to locate your cat in the neighbourhood!


So turns out you can teach an old dog new tricks. Challenge a family member to teach your dog a new trick, whether that is teaching them to count – yes it can be done, getting them to find the treat under cups, playing hind and seek with their favourite toy or even teaching them to Meerkat – as demonstrated by Pip – Helen our vets dog!

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas of how to entertain your family, pet and yourself if you were struggling what to do on a rainy day.

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