As a cat owner, I thought I would share some of the funny antics my cat gets up to. Maybe you can relate to them with your own cat?!

Salem appeared into my life a little over 3 years ago, as a stray brought into our Newmarket practice. He was approximately 6-months old. He was laid-back and calm, or so I initially thought!

As he settled into his new life, his mischievous side began to emerge. Finding anything and everything to bat around my floor, flipping and twisting with excitement as he did so. I would find him hinging out on top of the doors or lounging causally in the bathroom sink.

Salem enjoys a variety of different toys, from a laser pen to pushing around a cat-nip toy, and my personal favourite; playing with a ping pong ball in the bath. As Salem was initially an indoor cat, it was important to ensure he had enough stimulation.

The day came when we finally moved to a new house with a garden. The excitement was too much for Salem, his new thing now is to fly at speed around his new garden, stalking and flying into the air to catch bugs. One day, I fear he may upgrade from catching just bugs…but I hope not!!

If he isn’t catching bugs, he is flying up the fence at full speed to then peer over into the neighbour’s garden, with his body hanging down like a pendulum.

Having a garden also means we have bird visitors and you always know when there is a bird, Salem chatters at them with excitement.

It doesn’t end there with Salem’s crazy antics. He loves a good spur of the moment session, playing ‘how fast can run all around the house including up and down the stairs. Thankfully Salem does this during sociable hours. However, I haven’t gotten away too lightly as on regular occasions, early in the morning, Salem likes to launch himself from a height and uses me as spring board whilst I am sleeping. I am sure it is his oh-so-subtle way of telling me it is time to get up and feed him his breakfast.

For all of his quirky ways, I love my cat and I wouldn’t change him for the world! What are your cats funniest antics?

Article written by Sammi Hunt, RVN.