Whoever mentions Christmas in Summer should be muted!!

It’s not socially acceptable to discuss Christmas in Summer and, most years, I agree with this entirely. Live for now, seize the day and enjoy summer. 

However, with Covid-19 dominating most of our 2020 and with the consideration of the continuing social distancing and concerns we may face a second wave through non-adherence to the guidelines or with winter being the germ spreader that it is, we as at Swayne’s vets are continuously looking to make sure the needs of our patients are met 24/7, 365 days a year, whatever may come our way.

Normally, heading into the next two seasons of the year, we plan lots of events to raise money for our chosen charities; a pub quiz night, cake week, knitted gloves and hats, tea afternoons, open days, calendar competitions, toy and food collections and sponsored challenges. 

And at Xmas, we dress in festive cheer with festive jumpers, earrings, nails painted. We decorate the practices with garlands, lights and tinsel. We offer nibbles and a friendly festive face to chat with at the counter. I can’t help but look ahead and wonder how different this year may be.

So, this year may look a little different and currently, we operate quite differently to any time in our history, which you will know if you have had to come to visit us already this year. You may not see our faces as much as we would like but we will be riding this storm out with you! We look forward to normality, our usual normal not necessarily this new normal!

Rest assured, whatever the world looks like for 2020 and the seasons to come, we will be here for you and your pet’s needs, with our usual cheer, festive or otherwise!