During this strange lockdown situation, we find ourselves in, as we are spending more time at home, for many this feels like a good time to get a new pet.

Cats don’t all fit the same mould! Some love to be lap cats and enjoy a cuddle. Others are very independent, spending most of their time outside exploring and wish for minimal human interaction.

So, it’s important to consider your wishes and understand which cats may or may not be best suited to you and know there is no guarantee attached to your expectations!

It is also important to consider the environment you are introducing the cat into. Some cats do not get along and some prefer a more solitary existence within the household. Making them live with your other feline pets may induce stress related behaviours and clinical conditions.

It’s also important for you to be informed about what caring for a cat entails:

  • Plenty of human companionship
  • You need to provide regular, suitable meals and a constant supply of fresh, clean water
  • A clean and comfortable bed
  • Outdoor access, or at least a empty and clean litter tray at all times
  • Provide a stimulating, safe environment
  • Regular grooming, particularly long-haired cats
  • They will need neutering around 6 months of age
  • They need a kitten vaccination course and then annual check-ups and boosters
  • Regular worming and flea treatment
  • You must have provisions to take them to the vet for health care whenever they show any signs of illness and ensure you can afford the cost of any veterinary treatment they may need.

Don’t forget that there are many cats in rescue centers, including locally at the Bury Stray Cat Fund, with fantastic personalities, who would love a home and deserve someone to care for them. The addition here is that often the kind people who are caring for them will be able to tell you all about their personalities to help you find which cat is best suited to you.

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