During this strange lockdown situation, we find ourselves in, as we are spending more time at home, for many this feels like a good time to get a new pet. This is a very exciting prospect.

Such a decision is a long-term commitment so be sure to spend time considering what type of dog is best suited to your family, your lifestyle and your expectations.

If you are thinking of getting a puppy from a breeder make sure they are a good and responsible breeder. Make sure you see mum and pups together. If you have any doubts about the breeder or the situation, our advice is to not buy from that breeder. There are lots of helpful tips for this on this link.


Things to consider in your puppy’s first year:

  • Puppies require a puppy vaccination course.
  • Your puppy needs a worm and flea treatment course
  • Toilet training is a process
  • Socialising to noise, dogs, people and obedience is a daily consideration
  • There must be space within the home for you puppy to have their own area; be it a bed or a crate
  • Ensure there is time, space and inclination for playtimes and toys
  • Ensure all poisonous plants are removed from your garden and toxic items within the home e.g. cleaning products aren’t accessible.
  • Ensure you have time for walking, exercise and plenty of companionship.
  • Ensure you have your pet well insured or have the financial provisions to take them to the vet whenever they show signs of illness and can afford any treatment you pet may need.

Puppies require a large input of time, patience and effort to ensure they become the wonderful, easy adults we end up with. Although they enrich our lives beyond words, it is very important to ensure we consider theirs, providing stimulating walks, games and opportunity to be a dog (and not a mini human).

What about a considering rehoming a dog from a rescue center. The benefit here is that the people caring for the dogs within the center will have gotten to know them well and can tell you all about their personalities and requirements.