Washing……. How can that be dangerous to my pet?

There have been more adverts on TV in the last couple of years highlighting the dangers of laundry pods to children. The same applies to our pets. For the last decade companies have been trying to find more efficient ways of supplying laundry detergent to make it more user and environmentally friendly. The invention of Laundry Detergent Pods (LDP) means that there is a very high concentration of detergent in a very small package.

When pets bite into the LDPs this often causes them to burst and shoots the liquid contents into the pets throat. The fluid inside the capsule is very alkaline, meaning that is very corrosive. This causes severe inflammation and burns. The back of the throat can become swollen and can cause difficulty in breathing and swallowing.

The onset of clinical signs can occur within 20 minutes and include:


Difficult swallowing

Abdominal pain


Respiratory distress

Neurological depression

You MUST contact your nearest Swaynes’ branch if you discover your pet has ingested any LDP. For us to treat your pet we need to support them including providing oxygen therapy, maintaining their airway, giving fluids and pain relief.