As no one can allow an animal to suffer, not even through a viral pandemic affecting human health, we are working. We are happy to be here to make sure the health and welfare of our animal population is maintained and we are supporting you all with your beloved pets.

We know that for the majority of people, they are having to stay at home and stay safe. So, what are you all doing with this new-found time?

Whilst it is difficult to adjust to this new way of life we are all in, it is important to be safe and to remain as positive as possible. Writing yourself lists, learning a new skill or achieving something each day has all been reported to be helpful.

We have seen some wonderful creations recently of homemade hedgehog houses, hedgehog garden feeders, outdoor bug hotels and bird houses.

Have a look at some of the images below and try your hand at your own creations- don’t forget to send us a picture so we can be inspired too!!