What our dogs do for us?

We thought we would start 2019 with some reflection about our pets. With 24% of the UK adult population owning a dog that is an estimated 8.9million dogs in the UK. So why do we have dogs?

The answer is that, not only do they provide loyal companionship, who ask no questions and make no judgements. But there are many other reasons we chose our four legged companions:

1. Dogs can improve our health – studies have shown that owning a dog is linked to lower blood pressure, reduced cholesterol and overall better heart health.

2. Dogs keep us fit and active – we have to get ourselves out whether it is sun, rain or snow. Our furry friends need to stretch their legs, they need to have a toilet stop and what’s more they keep us moving. Let’s face it nothing beats a refreshing Sunday morning walk.

3. Improves our social life – often we get chatting to other dog owners, we all have one thing in common we love our dogs, do we need any more reason than that to strike up conversation.

4. Help reduce stress – Have you ever heard of PAT dogs? These are therapy dogs, they make visits to nursing homes and hospitals. Spending just a few minutes with a dog can lower anxiety and blood pressure, really helping patients.

5. They add meaning and purpose – dogs are many peoples reason to get up in the morning – whether that’s being woken up by your faithful friend or just knowing they will be hungry and need some TLC.

6. Help detect disease – there have been recent advances using dogs to detect medical conditions including epilepsy, hypoglycaemic episodes and even cancer. Not only that but patients with Alzheimer’s have been shown to be soothed by dogs.

These are just a few reasons why owning a dog can be a very rewarding experience, enriching our lives. But we must remember all those dogs who have jobs including;
• Medical detection dogs
• Guide dogs
• Hearing dogs for the deaf
• Service dogs in the forces

Watch this space as we are lucky enough for Medical Detection Dogs to be returning to give an evening talk for all our clients about what Medical Detection Dogs can do. All evening talks at Swayne & Partners are open to clients and non-clients – check out our social media on Facebook and twitter for more information.