It can be daunting to leave your pet in our hands for the day. We know this. But, as the cliché goes, we really do do this job for the love of the animals and we love sharing our days with them and do everything we can to ensure their day contains minimal stress and they still feel loved all day. We treat them like they were our own.

Pre-COVID, your pet would have been able to come in with their bed, blanket or toy. As soon as we are able, this will start again.

But what are we thinking? What are we doing to ensure your pets procedure goes as smoothly as it can before getting them back home?

We try to improve any stress or anxiety by giving them lots of reassurance first off. They are weighed and walked past the staff to recognise anyone they know well before being settled in their bed for the day with their belongings (when possible).

Next stage is their ‘observations’ so we can get baseline measurements prior to any medications.  They have an assessment of the ongoing problem and/or a physical exam to ensure surgery that day is appropriate. The patient will have their catheter placed. This placement enhances their safety and aids emergency drug administration if ever required.

The vet will prescribe a balanced anaesthetic protocol which combines pain relief, calming agents and anaesthesia for a smooth induction, procedure and recovery period.

We have invested heavily in put anaesthetic monitoring equipment at Swayne’s. Between the trained anaesthetists and our monitoring machines we evaluate our patients carefully. From their heart rate, ECG trace, their blood pressure and blood level concentrations to their temperature, their level of consciousness, their respiration and their pulses.

When they are recovering from their procedure we have dimmed kennel lighting, classical music, diligent assigned nurses, pain relief and pain monitoring and further monitoring. We are constantly thinking of their physical well-being post procedure. Pain control is high on the priority list as well as their general comfort and feeling of contentment.

As soon as they have been assessed conscious and stable our next aim is get them home to you as soon as we can. Everyone feels better in their own home!

It’s always concerning leaving your much-loved pet with us. We know this and we know it is a big deal for them too. We hope next time they spend some time with us you feel happy that we always have their best interest as our priority.