With reduced daylight hours at this time of the year we may find many of our walks will be early morning or at an early dusk.

The weather also lends itself to wetter, colder conditions and so our attire or, ‘wet weather gear’ as we refer to it, takes the forefront position in the coat cupboard, like so many of yours do too. Thermals, hat, gloves, a thick coat and wellies or heavy walking boots, in England, is a common fashion amongst dog walkers!

Interesting and extremely useful additions found over the years include gaiters, garments worn over the shoe and lower trouser leg to add protection to your clothes, ankles and ensure no mud/wetness can travel down your shoe. Snoods offer warmth around the head, neck, ears and lower face without a draft. Welly warmers are akin to long socks which fill the welly boot to provide an extra layer of warmth and ponchos can be a handy, packable covering to ensure you, your pram, your wheelchair or your ‘onesie’ stays dry!

And what of accessories for our pets? On first read, this sentence may seem a tad superficial but the safety accessories available for walking your dog at night, arguably, are essential. Hi-visibility gear, whether your dog is black or otherwise, with less daylight are a very responsible accessory for your pet. These accessories take all shapes and forms; collars, leads, dog vests are available as well as hi-vis attachments to your dog’s existing lead or collar.

Lights are also a good idea. Much like those which attach to the spokes of a wheel, small but powerful lights attached to your dog’s lead, collar or harness, particularly when road walking can do a good job to alert people and traffic of your position. Not to mention if your pet is off lead or tends to get lost in undergrowth, a light accessory is extremely useful.

Cats are not to be forgotten, reflective collars or reflective charms for collars may just be the must-have accessory for cats this season!

Simply considered, any accessory which improves the visibility of your pet in winter months is money well spent in our book!