Although reluctant to dwell on the current pandemic any more than we have to we acknowledge that almost everything in our lives has changed. Bringing your pet to the vets is no different.

We have had to alter the way we work to adhere to government guidelines, veterinary governing body guidelines, to keep our clients as safe as we are able and to look after our staff safety also. We know that a trip to the vets when your pet is unwell is already wracked with worry and concern. Add to the mix that for most veterinary practices you are not able to accompany your pet inside, we know that this is an anxious time.

Like so many, our profession has had to adapt the way we work so we are able to keep safe but also so we are able to be present, here waiting to see any animal who needs urgent help. Not being here when they need us isn’t an option for us. But it has not been ideal for us. We have had to increase our consulting times so we are able to accommodate the lengthy procedure of obtaining the patients history we need remotely and running backwards and forwards to the car park. Our phone lines are occupied for large proportions of the day. Keeping distanced from each other in the building when we can so that when we have a patient in front of us and cannot avoid close contact we have this contact minimised to their needs alone. Almost a year on this has become a new normal but not one we would have wished for.

For our more experienced clients, we hope that the close working relationship we have had pre-Covid means you know us so well, the trust that we will love and look after your ‘fur-baby’ like they are our own is already there. You know we will do everything we can to put them at ease with us, be kind and gentle, be loving and sympathetic to the way they are feeling. This is so important. 

For those who perhaps are newer owners or less ‘frequent-flyers’, it is not a myth that often without their owners to protect, animal become a lot calmer. Once inside the door, dogs behave calmer and even come out of their shell a bit more, allowing us to interact with them more and what looks like more pleasure. And for cats the whole building is quieter and more peaceful. Without dogs barking in the waiting room or the smell of them outside the door cats are calmer too. We are able to devote extra time to allowing them to become accustomed to their surroundings and so from this aspect, the new normal has had some benefits which on the outside owners cannot see.

Having said this, we cannot wait until life is normal, as we have always known it before. But rest assured your pets are in good hands and may in fact be having a nicer time of it at the vets because of Covid.